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Interconnectedin·ter·con·nect·ed ( n tr k nek td ) adj. To be connected with each other so as to provide access and communication between the different parts

Table of Contents
SECTION 1: PLANNING - Ideas to help you get started, with resources for 21st Century Teacher-Learners
SECTION 2: COMMUNICATING - Explanations and ideas for getting started with students
SECTION 3: CREATING - Explanations and ideas for getting started with students

How to Get the Most out of this Wiki

adaption of original post by @kjarrett on getting the most out of PadCamp, NJ., Aug.8th,2011.

Here you are! Are you excited? Ready to learn? Share? Make new friends, talk about teaching & learning in a relaxed atmosphere, explore technology, and learn some exciting new ways to engage your 21st Century students in learning?

Here are some thoughts about maximizing your [TLLP wiki] fun:
  • Remember, the expert isn’t the organizer of [this wiki] – it IS the wiki.Everyone has something to contribute, whether it’s pedagogical knowledge, technical skill, familiarity with a particular gadget, or questions from a beginner’s mindset. Richness of conversation and collaboration is what makes a wiki so special, so vibrant, so powerful.
  • [A wiki] is a place for collaborative works and discussions, first and foremost. Have something you’d like to explore, but aren’t an expert? No problem! Ask a question!
    • Veteran edcamper Dave Zirkle_ had a Google+ conversation with unconference guru Adrian Segar_ about this recently. Adrian’s advice: participants should be encouraged to “propose sessions about topics that they want to discuss even if they are not knowledgable about the subject themselves; e.g. topics they want to know more about, questions they have, or problems/projects for which they want input/ideas/advice.” I couldn’t agree more. These sessions will naturally attract others with something to add. (See #1)
  • In the end, [this wiki] isn’t about technology or teaching or apps or hardware. It’s about you!
    • What you wonder about these technologies.
    • What you have to share, whether it’s knowledge or questions.
    • What you want for your students as this technology evolves.
    • What you want for yourself as an educator.
  • How are YOU planning to maximize your experience in here?

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