...... a tool which allows the user to upload different kinds of media
(photographs, text documents, videos, web links, etc.), and to
record comments and have a discussions about that media using:
  • voice comments
  • video comments
  • typed comments
  • hand-made drawings (which fade and disappear)

FREE VoiceThread Account can be used
  • by YOU with other educators
  • by STUDENTS SUPERVISED in your own account (1 at a time)

PAID VoiceThread Accounts can be used (2014 - $79/year)
  • by YOU with other educators
  • by individual student logins in a CLASS ACCOUNT

Take a Look:

Suggested Starting Points:

Create a VoiceThread using a photograph and have students comment on the photograph using each of the different modes.

Lesson Plan Support:

1.VOICE THREAD site with video tutorials


Further Resources:

Info about School and System accounts