A "QR" Code stands for a QUICK RESPONSE CODE.

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A QR code is a digital code which can be read by a QR scanner app on any mobile device with a camera. Each QR code is made up of black pixels on a white background in a square pattern, and contains encoded information which can be in the form of text, an URL link to a website, or other data.

QR codes are very easy to generate using one of the many online QR code generators - absolutely no knowledge of rocket science required!

Take a Look:

Sainsburys Paralympic Flame QR codeQR Codes IV

Big Wild QR Code Canadian Campaign

Big Wild QR Code Canadian Campaign

Conservation group The Big Wild is using QR codes on outdoor posters to raise awareness for a petition to protect the Flathead River Valley in British Columbia and the Restigouche Watershed in Quebec and New Brunswick. Darren Barefoot of The Big Wild, a group founded by Mountain Equipment Co-Op and the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society, said The Big Wild is the first environmental group in Canada to try out the codes, which he hopes will pique interest by using what is still a rarely used technology in Canada.
Story: www.vancouversun.com/Cracking+code+marketing+craze/346744...

Suggested Starting Points:

1. Create a QR code using a QR code generator for a specific website providing further information on a current lesson. Have students use smart phones to connect to the website and locate specific/required information.
2. Create and hold a Class Scavenger Hunt using QR codes as clues.
3. Have students create QR codes of the URL's for their online work, print them out, and attach them in their notes in appropriate locations.
4. Provide a QR code in an email to parents, linking them to new postings on the class blog, an invitation to a parent night, etc.

Lesson Plan Support:

1. http://www.rylice.com/teachertech/?p=370

2. Doug Peterson Page on QR Codes

Further Resources:


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