...... a complete online classroom.... a super easy-to-use tool which allows students to collaborate, communicate, and learn to network online in a protected closed online environment.

Using EDMODO, a teacher can
  • create an account for each student in the class
  • monitor comments being made by students
  • join other professional learning groups
  • keep a record of marked assignments
  • access a library of resources for online work
  • find collaborative projects for class to join

Using EDMODO, a student can
  • access their own personal "backpack" which allows them to store work files online
  • submit assignments online, and have them assessed online
  • collaborate with other students in the class
  • discuss questions, get clarification, etc. with other students in the class

Using EDMODO, a parent can
  • request a password protected account
  • access their own child's work, discussions, and even marks
  • communicate with both their child and the teacher

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