A BLOG is...

...... simply an interactive website which documents events and activities, and which is used as a communication tool.

WEB + LOG equals "WEBLOG" shortened becomes "BLOG".
A BLOG can be used in different ways depending on its purpose:
  • by YOU to use for your own reflection and professional learning
  • by YOU as a communication tool with parents and the community
  • by your ENTIRE CLASS to chronicle project, class activities, etc.
  • by INDIVIDUAL STUDENTS as an online journal, personal website, etc.

Take a Look: Examples of Class Blogs

A. Primary Class Blogs

Mrs. Yollis's Grade 3 Class Blog

(has incredible blogging resources for teachers)

Aviva Dunsiger's Gr 1+2 Class Blog

(from Ancaster Ontario - a great teacher with many many resources!)

Picture 16.png

B. Junior Class Blogs

Huzzah! Class Blog (Edublogs)

Gr 6-7 classroom is in the beautiful Comox Valley on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.

Picture 3.png

ROOM 121 Class Blog:
Mrs. Allen and her Gr 5 Class Blog (Blogspot)

C. Intermediate Class Blogs

Chemong Company of Adventurers
Picture 4.png
(not the world's best blog by any stretch, but a genuine example of a class blog in the learning process!!!)

Mr. Borges & the (Gr. 8 Math English, Drama) Blog Squad


4. CLASS BLOG - AWARD WINNERS (Edublog Awards 2012)

(an excellent source of all kinds of exemplary class blogs)

Mrs. Yollis’ Classroom Blog (Gr. 3, California)
Fabulous 5S (Gr. 5, Australia)
4KM And 4KJ @ Leopold Primary School (Gr 4, Australia)
3/4C & 3/4K @ UPPS (Gr 3-4, Australia)
3/4C @ The Junction



Miriam's Magical Moments
Emily's Blog
Jaden’s Awesome Blog
MEAOW @ Josie’s Blog
GBM Corner (in Cantonese!!)

Suggested Starting Points for you:

A. Create a free class blog with

edublogs_logo.png.......... or .......... KidBlogLogo3.jpg

RESOURCES to help you:

i. KPR KIDBLOG Tutorial for teachers

How to set-up your first class blog on KIDBLOGS platform.

ii. Steps to creating a class bloG ON EDUBLOGS

Teachers' guide provided by EDUBLOGS

B. LESSON PLAN SUPPORT for working with students(assuming students have already learned DIGITAL SAFETY)

1. Educational Blogging Wiki

Picture 1.png

Contains a plethora of information, resources, and help with classroom blogging!

2. The Power of Blogging in the Classroom

ECOO 2013 presentation - presentation and resources posted online

3. Blogging Guide Introducing and Blogging with your K-8 Students

An infographic format guide, great suggestions and quick to read.

by Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano, an extraordinary teacher!

4. Blogging With Elementary School Students

by Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano www.langwitches.org/blog

A longer version of her guide with great detail, resources, links, videos, etc.

5. How to Blog Like A King or Queen: Vicki Davis

A much more detailed guide; extra info more appropriate for Intermediate Students.

ACTIVITY: "Blog Grazing" by CBeach

*an activity for students to look around at different blogs, and use a PMI chart to record characteristics they liked and didn't like for discussion and consideration with the class). Both a paper and a digital copy are provided:



Preparing Students for Commenting with Wall Blogging

Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano of Langwitches Blog has an amazing post about blogging and teaching kids how to post comments on a blog.

ACTIVITY: 5 Steps to writing a Quality Comment and Assignment


Further Resources

A comparison of blogging platforms


CYBRARYMAN - has a page for everything, ESPECIALLY Class Blogs!!!!!!!!!

(watch out, you could get lost in there forever!)

The ultimate guide to getting started with blogging!
everything you need to know and help in getting your class blog set up, and then using it with your students.

14 Steps to Meaningful Blogging with Kids
Written by a fantastic Junior level teacher who has great ideas and experience with blogging, Pernilles Ripp.
She is also the teacher who organizes GlobalReadAloud Project.

Blog Basics for the Classroom


Kids Learn to Blog


    • a very simple blogging tool, probably more appropriate for younger grades
    • Find Information, ideas, and links for younger blogging students
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