......is "a website which is being used as a working environment online that can house and provide access to many digital artefacts and resources in various media formats. These artefacts can include goals, process work, reflections, feedback and feed‐forward, evidence of activities, assessments, achievements etc. The use of digital media enables students to record and collect digitised artefacts including text, audio, video, and multimedia that represent their ideas, learning experiences, expressions and reflections over a period of time – here the ePortfolio is somewhat like a digital briefcase."
~~ from Digital Portfolios – Guidelines for beginners Feb.2011 NZ MinEd.

A Digital ePortfolio can be used
  • by YOU - to keep a record of your own professional activities and growth over time
  • by INDIVIDUAL STUDENTS - to keep a record of their activities and growth over time

Take a Look:

Suggested Starting Points:

1. Create your own digital ePortfolio using either your own personal WIKI or BLOG. Learn how to post examples of your own learning:
  • long range plans, daily lesson plans, etc.
  • screenshots of your online work, twitter stream, class blog home page, etc.
  • photos of student work, trips, club activities, etc.
  • podcasts, audio recordings
  • screencasts of mini-lessons, instructions for an activity
  • online reflections on your own learning
  • video of class skyping, student activities, etc.
  • a record of your own professional learning, your PLN, workshops and courses, etc.
  • etc!

2. Have your students CREATE a WIKI or a BLOG to use as a digital ePortfolio in which they begin to collect and record their learning which they can continue to use each year of school.
  • Be sure to teach students to REGULARLY EXPORT a BACKUP COPY of their ePortfolio!
  • Teach students to TAKE SCREENSHOTS of their work for their ePortfolio.

Lesson Plan Support:


1. New Zealand Dept Education ePortfolio Guidelines for Teachers

2. Instructions: How to export a copy of a wiki in wikispaces.

Further Resources