Download is also available on KPRDSB website.

KPR's Acceptable Use Policy indicates the conditions for acceptable use of KPR online services, with consequences for behaviours which may violate the agreement.

In KPR schools, dual signatures of student and parent/guardian if under 16 are required, indicating their awareness of and their agreement to the conditions of Acceptable Use for access to KPR internet services. Currently, students registering in KPRDSB for the first time are required to sign this AUP on registration at their new school, regardless of their age.

Signed forms are to be collected and stored at the back of the student's OSR.

CBeach comments:
Although this AUP is written in adult language and in legal terms, I have discussed each item with my Grade 7 students at the beginning of each year, and required both them and their parents to sign a new copy. (They themselves may have signed it when they were 4 or 7 or 10 years old, and had no understanding of what they were signing.) In doing so, we've had some great discussions about Digital Citizenship issues and concerns.

I have observed that in the process, my Gr. 7 students have gained a good preliminary understanding of the rights and responsibilities of their online activities, both at school and in their personal lives. However I undoubtably need to come up with a "before and after" test to prove a measurable benefit of doing so!