Notes from the Google Doc..... unfinished as yet!

Attitude determines Altitude: Gaining credibility with students and appreciation from teachers and parents.
Inclusive considerations: new Canadians, urban-rural students, high-low income, accessibility issues, etc.

  • What is the PURPOSE of the activity?
  • outdoor educators need to embrace technology in the outdoors
  • some outdoor purists view spending time in the outdoor environment as a time to disconnect
  • need to decide to use or not use tech based on the purpose of the activity (same in the classroom)
  • and model that for students

  • NOT using tech effectively says a lot to tech-savy students: these educators are out-dated, ill-informed, irrelevant, and disconnected to their connected world
  • gain credibility simply by acknowledging tech use
  • * MODEL the appropriate use of tech in the outdoors - for safety and learning -
  • create a balance with silence and listening.awareness of the outdoor environment

  • like banning cell-phones in classrooms, banning technology in the outdoors creates new problems
  • untimely use of tech on outdoor excursions is a class management issue and needs to be used as a teaching point
  • safe use of tech involves being prepared to deal with weather issues
  • inappropriate use of tech requires the same kind of Appropriate Use expectations as school environment