Like it or not,Technology is Changing Education around the world.
Rekindle the Sparks for Outdoor Learning Using Information Technology!A Collaborative KeynoteforRekindle the Sparks Conference 2014November 28th, 2014Camp Kawartha, Clear Lake Ontario

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A. Changes in Education: Oh the Places We'll Go...Connecting to the Classroom Curriculum - creating continuity, supporting teacher needs,keeping up with education in a changing world
B. Authentic Learning: Citizen Research
Showcasing Environmental Education at its very best and providing continued learning in the classroom
C. Learning Transferable Skills with Tech in the Outdoors: Cool AppsGaining credibility with students and appreciation from parents.
D. Documenting the Learning: Data, Photography, Videography, and more...
Building connections and continuity for follow-up and assessment of learning back in the classroom
E. Modelling Appropriate Use of Tech in the Outdoors: Security, Focus, and Balance
Attitude limits Altitude.Gaining credibility with students and appreciation from parents.
F. Sharing the Journey: Blogging and Using Social MediaShare Your Story with Parents, the Community, the World!

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Jackie is another outdoor educator turned tech educator, and she has already created exactly what I was aiming to have you create in here.
Check out all the fantastic ideas, links, and resources she has put together on her site!

TECHNOLOGY & OUTDOOR EDUCATION slideshare by Dr. James Neill @jtneill

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